Monday, March 17, 2008

Nashville's Great Neighborhoods. Hillsboro Village

Spring is coming! It is definitely my favorite time of year in Nashville. The daffodils (crocus, some people call them) are out and the grass is greener. Anyone considering moving to Nashville should come visit from now until May or June. Everyone is coming out of hibernation. I actually saw some neighbors I hadn't seen in a few months, except for an occasional wave from a warm car.
After living in Atlanta and Miami, I really missed being in a "neighborhood." It was so nice to get back to Nashville, where people actually slow down long enough to chat with neighbors. Some of it may just be small talk, but Nashvillians rarely miss an opportunity to ask how you and the family are doing. And believe it or not, they genuinely care.

I grew up in the Hillsboro Village/Waverly-Belmont/West End areas. We were within walking distance to Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities, Centennial Park and Hillsboro Village. So, as a kid there was always something to do. I remember my sisters and I making routine stops at Jones Pet shop, Woolworth, Baskin Robbins, the House of Bamboo and McClures. The shop keepers knew us by name even though we really didn't buy anything except ice cream at BR and candy at Woolworth's. My first real job was at Baskin Robbins. What I love about Hillsboro Village now, is that it actually grew up with me. I would rather drink coffee at fido (the old Jones Pet Shop) now than talk to the birds. I'd rather enjoy a nice meal at Bosco's than buy 25 cents worth of candy. Baskin Robbins is now a Smoothie King. Much better for me than the yummy calorie ridden Pralines and Cream. I do miss the House of Bamboo (kind of an upscale Pier One), that is now Provence Bakery. The owners would cringe when we came in. They had wonderful delicate chatchski's that they didn't even want us to look at. And how can I forget the world famous, Pancake Pantry? Thank goodness the local icon is still in business. Our family usually went on Sundays. Back then an occasional sighting of Porter Wagner in full sequence was not unusual and something not many would forget. I have fond memories of diving into my chocolate chip pancakes. There are a few great places that are still around: Davis Cookware, Peabody Shoe Repair, Village Jewelers, The Belcourt Theatre, Cotton Music, The Villager Tavern and Village Bridal. All the new shops are eclectic boutiques and restaurants you've got to love. I do have to plug the company I am a Realtor with, Village Real Estate. If you see the purple "for sale" signs around town, that is us. Our office is right across the street from Harris Teeter. Thank goodness, there is another grocery store since Vanderbilt built on the old HG Hills grocery store property.

Beyond all the cool places to go in Hillsboro Village, the surrounding neighborhoods have wonderful old southern homes. We lived in a house built in 1928 that was a 3000 square foot, four square on 18th Ave. S. It had a huge front porch where we spent many a summer night, fireplaces in several of the bedrooms, sun porches off the bedrooms in the back of the house. The house had so much character and space. Not one house is like another in the entire area. I guess that is why I have subdivision phobia to this day!

So, if you love homes with unique character and love a neighborhood with an "urban" vibe within walking distance to Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities and Centennial Park, with cool restaurants and shops, then Hillsboro Village is the perfect place for you.

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