Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cool Tool!

I found the coolest site: google street views. You have to check it out, especially if you are thinking of moving to a new city. Street Views actually gives you a 360 degrees views of a neighborhood. So, if you are looking at online home finding websites (IE, www.coolnashvillehomes.com) and you find a house you like, you go to www.maps.google.com and put in your city, then the street address and click on "street view." You can actually walk down the street with the arrows! It is similar to Google earth, but you can see the entire neighborhood. Only the cities on the map with cameras have street views.

They have done many major cities, Nashville being one. Atlanta has not been done yet. So, we can actually say that we beat Atlanta in something!! We really don't want to compete with them on traffic. We would like to have an IKEA and Nordstrom's. We are getting a Trader Joe's. Ha, Ha, Atlanta! Oh well, I just checked their website and Atlanta is getting a Trader Joe's soon as well. Maybe we'll be first.

This can be a very valuable tool if moving to a new city. Check it out!

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