Friday, August 15, 2008

"Ain't it goodto be alive and be in the great state of Tennessee!!"

From the words of Charlie Daniels. I couldn't have said it better. As a Realtor, I am really getting sick of the media giving us such gloom and doom about the housing market and the economy. One thing people have to understand, Real Estate is local. Most of the horrific news is in particular areas where people went crazy on speculation. Examples being, Miami, Las Vegas, New York and several cities in Arizona. Yes, the Nashville market is somewhat down, but what everyone has to understand is that they are down from several spectacular record years. Nashville's property values were so under valued for so long, our prices here are just catching up with the rest of the country. Statistics show that Nashville is now actually 1% below average housing prices in cities comparable to Nashville.

So, everyone please stop listening to CNN about how terrible the housing market is. It is a great time to buy, especially if you are a first time home buyer. The interest rates are still great. There is a ton of inventory to choose from.
Another reason Nashville's housing market is stable is mostly because we have alot of recession proof industries here, like hospitals and universities. Nashville is centrally located and a great distribution center. Tennessee borders eight states. You can get to a lot of places with a short drive. Who needs the drama of Atlanta when you can make a weekend trip of it?
Nashville is a comfortable, easy place to live. We have great neighborhood comm unites that are second to none. It is a great place to call home!

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